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Pregnancy Pamper Bundle For A Mum To Be

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Whether it is your first child or a new arrival to the family, going through pregnancy can be challenging for mums. Having to go through morning sickness, pregnancy fatigue and the daily changes to your body can be quite overwhelming therefore we are here to delivery and curate mum to be gifts for her to enjoy and relax.

Every mum to be deserves to be well-rested, pampered and beautiful during these wonderful transitions to motherhood. Take a step back from all the hectic office hours and household chores, it is all about pregnancy self-care and that gorgeous baby bump of yours.

Each pregnancy gift box is carefully selected to ensure that they are 100% natural and organic, safe for mums and bumps. Not to mention, we partner with small businesses that are sustainable and ethical.

Each pregnancy pamper pack is carefully curated and handpicked to suit your needs according to your trimesters. Whether it’s a gift for a pregnant friend, yourself, wife or sister, we hope that you take the time to enjoy our specially curated baby shower and pregnancy gift boxes.

Wishing you all a healthy and happy pregnancy,

Team BFT xx