Hospital Bag Essentials Box

Box For Two

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  • A thoughtful mum-to-be gift that is practical and hassle-free!

    Don't leave it to the last minute! We wanted to come up with a box of hospital bag essentials that are useful for both mum and baby during overnight stays. The hospital essentials box is designed to provide practical, easy and hassle-free items that could easily fit into your maternity bag, but also adding a little TLC for our new mums to be well-rested after birth. Happy birthing! 

  • The Hospital Bag Essentials Box includes:

    Aromababy Organic baby barrier balm
    Jak organic baby wipes 
    Antipodes Mini manuka honey facial mask to relax after birth
    Orgaid Facial Sheet Mask
    Hannah Organic cotton - Re-washable nursing pads x 6
    Weleda Organic baby nappy change cream
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