Organic Breastfeeding Tea

Love Tea


Start off the day with a cup of organic pregnancy tea...

Carefully selected blends of organic herbs, to help maintain a healthy breast milk supply for your baby. Fennel, fenugreek and caraway seeds offer therapeutic qualities that have traditionally been used to support healthy lactation and ease digestion for both mother and baby. This gentle and soothing blend offers subtle hints of lemon and fennel, softly balanced with the sweet tones of aniseed. 

This blend is caffeine free. 20 x Pyramid Bags.

Certified organic fenugreek, fennel, lemon balm, aniseed, caraway seeds.


India, Germany.

Place 1 pyramid into a cup (250ml)and add boiling, filtered water at 75ºc–85ºc and allow to infuse for 3–5+ minutes, and then remove bag and serve