Your Third Trimester

Your Third Trimester - Pregnancy Tips - Box for Two

The baby bump is getting bigger and you're feeling a little overwhelm with the change in your body! We have made you a checklist to guide you through your last stages of pregnancy.

Weeks 28-32
Make sure your house is baby-safe, Prepare a birth plan, Sign up for childbirth class, Doctor visits, Note down baby milestones (baby moves, kick counts, ultrasounds etc), Have a baby shower.

Weeks 32-36
Last minute baby shopping, Make sure your car seat is safe, Prepare a hospital bag, Finish your nursery, Screening tests, Doctor visits, Prepare first aid kits and emergency items, Group B strep test (usually 35 - 37 weeks)

Week 37 to delivery
By this time, you should be all ready and set, patiently waiting for the little one to arrive. Remember, be calm, stress-free and try to enjoy the process.