The Pregnancy Countdown

The Pregnancy Countdown - Pregnancy Tips - Box for Two

Hello Mamas, 

Just thought I'd write some inspirational and motivating message to all you lovely ladies. There is nothing more exciting than seeing your belly grow each day, but also feeling a sense of nervousness and anxiety as you inch closer to the delivery day. 

For those that are having your first born, it can be fearful and intimidating scene, especially not knowing how it feels leading up to labour. My advise to you is to try and take it one step at a time, one day at a time, cross off that pregnancy calendar and continue to enjoy and savour this wonderful transition. Don't overthink it.

Be mindful and accept that it is the most rewarding experience that you will ever experience in your life. Motherhood is a gift. Be strong and always know that you are NEVER alone. We are all here to support you through these amazing life and body transitions. Let the pregnancy countdown begin...

Live. Love. Embrace. 

Team BFT xx