Tips for Planning Ahead

Tips for Planning Ahead - Pregnancy Tips - Box for Two

Getting ready your home for the baby can be one of the most exciting transitions of your life! It is always advisable to plan ahead and this could include buying nursery items, painting the walls of a room or getting ready the baby bag. 

Here are a few tips on how to get you prepared for your big day!

The first few weeks:

  • Baby onesies (summer or winter, depending on seasons)
  • Socks or baby bootees
  • Cardigans (to keep your little one warm)
  • Beanie (keep them warm and they are super cute!)
  • Muslin wraps
  • Baby Singlets 

Prep the nursery and choose a cot. When it comes to choosing the right cot for your baby, there are specific and standard size between the gaps and bars.These are designed to stop your baby getting stuck or injured.

No cot can have a gap or opening between 30 and 50 mm wide or greater than 95 mm wide. The bars, rails or panels should have between 50 to 95 mm of space between them and there should be no more than 20 mm between the cot side or ends and the mattress when it’s centered on the mattress base.

Breastfeeding is highly recommended for all mums. Find out as much as you can about breastfeeding ahead of your time. The Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) offer classes in most areas to assists new mums and the basics of breastfeeding. It is also useful to prepare all breastfeeding materials such as breast pads/pumps. 

Planning ahead and getting ready for your bundle of joy is a fun and exciting journey, ensuring that your bub comes home to a safe and welcoming environment.