Your Hospital Bag Checklist 2022

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What to pack in your hospital bag?

If you haven't already packed and in your 33 - 36 weeks, don't stress! We've compiled a hospital bag checklist for labour and birth which we have gathered from mums and reviews. We would love to go in there with a little hint of baby mama style and pampering! You could include a really cute beanie for your newborn or perhaps a new exciting shade of organic lip balm after you've given birth. It adds a little sense of refreshment after all that hard work and every mum certainly deserves a little self-care in the hospital. 

Hospital Bag Checklist for New Mums 

Pyjamas and slippers -  We love wearing silk ones, it's so much more comfortable and soothing for the skin. Comfy and stylish is key, it's all about feeling gorgeous and beautiful even in pajamas.

Disposable Underwear - Hassle Free - once worn, just chuck them out!

Socks - If you suffer from cold feet, a pair of warm socks for the hospital would help you retain your warmth and feel more comfortable. 

Maternity bras -  Pack 2-3 maternity bras. I like the wire-free ones, even before pregnancy, I tend to like it a little loose. Not to mention, it also helps for breastfeeding, easy access!

Thin Panty Liners - You can now find a variety of thin liners at your local supermarket with ultra protection and padding.  I would pack 4 or 5 boxes just to be safe. It is also very sanitary and keeps your underwear clean, saves you from packing heaps of underwear.

Nursing pads - Just in case you start producing milk. It generally comes around 3 - 4 days, but if you need to be in the hospital for longer, at least you have it with you. 

Toiletries - all your necessities, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, shaver, facial wash. 

Maternity Padsdesigned to take care of mums during those first few precious weeks after giving birth and are luxuriously cushioned. 

Nipple Balm -  You'll be getting ready to breastfeed and a nipple balm will help to tone nipples in preparation for breastfeeding. It will also provide soothing relief for tender and cracked nipples.

Breastfeeding Tea - A great way to relax before and after the birth to calm the senses and recover with organic blends to boost immunity and strength. 

Pregnancy Journal - If you're into documenting your daily experiences leading up to birth, this is a great way to cherish and keep track on the progress and little moments before birth. This could also help with focusing away from the discomfort during labour. 

Organic skincare - Your usual skincare routine, preferably all natural and non-toxic to avoid nasties or other skin reactions. 

Massage Oils - To soothe and calm the mind and body pre and post pregnancy birth.

Eyepillow - To help you get rest in busy and bright maternity wards, it could help with some downtimes of labour and a well-deserved rest after delivery. 

Hospital Bag Checklist: For Baby

Nappies - Pack more rather than less. A tip is to check if your hospital provides nappies. I would go for disposable nappies as it's easier and you can throw it away after. 

Baby Beanie - The cuter the better! Babies regulate their temperature with their heads, so best to keep it warm and they look super duper cute in photos.

Baby blanket - To keep the little bub warm and snuggly after birth and to keep your baby warm in the car seat on the way home. 

Socks and mittens, Vests or singlets - Babies usually have cold hands and feet. The hospital air conditioning might be slightly cold for newborns.

Onesies - I call these baby jumpsuits! They are so easy and save space in the hospital bag! One piece wonder and it covers the whole body. 

Organic Wipes, creams, lotions - The reason I mentioned "Organic" is because there are so many lotions and creams that are highly fragranced and may irritate your baby's skin. I would go for an ACO - Australian Certified Organic label to be safe. 

Organic Baby BalmBalm may be used around the nappy area, massaged onto dry skin including skin affected by eczema. 

Things to remember

  • Check with the hospital or clinic what you need to bring.
  • Good to double check on visitors' waiting hours and waiting rooms.
  • Get your baby car sit ready and ensure that it's fitted well.


  • Medicare card
  • Hospital Documents
  • Antenatal card
  • Birth plans or your dedicated pregnancy journal (if you have one)
  • Other health insurance details

The size of your maternity bag

Your hospital bag should be about the size of a large gym bag. Some mums also prefer to use a small cabin trolley as it's easier to manage. We recommend having one or two maternity bags on the day (one of mum, one for baby supplies) so it's a little easier to locate things. 

Lastly, enjoy the experience and process of labour, it is a wonderful and fascinating experience for every mother. Good luck and we wish you all the best!! Team BFT x

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