Your First Trimester

Your First Trimester - Pregnancy Tips - Box for Two

It can get pretty overwhelming knowing you have a little mini you inside your belly. Below is a list of things you could think about to manage your finances, health and all the other things in your life. Here is a little check list for you to manage and keep you grounded. 

  • Check your private health insurance covers
  • Tell your partner the good news! 
  • Sort our maternity leave with your work
  • Create a Budget plan for your newborn's expenses over the next year.
  • Save save save!
  • Schedule a prenatal check up usually around 7 - 8 weeks.
  • Stop drinking alcohol
  • Make sure you're doing pregnancy safe activities
  • Those 3 coffees a day, might want to cut down on caffeine
  • Get thinking about baby names
  • Get a good pregnancy nutrition and pregnancy exercise routine
  • Talk about parenting tips and work schedules.
  • Get ready to hear your baby (around 9 - 12 weeks)
  • Consider your options for prenantal testing
  • Screening tests such as down syndrome and CVS, might take place around 10 - 12 weeks. 
  • Relief morning sickness with remedies such as organic teas, balms and oils.