Coping after Childbirth

Coping after Childbirth - Pregnancy Tips - Box for Two

So, you've done it, congrats! what? The constant fatigue, baby crying, breastfeeding, juggling the other kids and husband can get you feeling a little overwhelmed. Here are some tips and advice on how to wind it down a notch to keep you mindful throughout the newborn phase. 

Everything is impermanent...

One of the most common spiritual teachings from Buddha himself... "everything does not last forever." Feelings of frustration and fatigue will not last forever. It shall pass. Accept the changes happening around you and instead of feeling overwhelmed, learn to embrace and look on the positive side. There are always sweet memories and moments to cherish while going through challenges in life.  

Deep Exhale and Inhale

When you're feeling stressed, sit down and focus on your breathing. When one isn't calm, they tend to have shallow breaths. Instead, take a deep inhale, try to imagine the oxygen going through your head and flowing soothingly across the entire body.  Deep long exhales to breathe out unwanted negativity and stress. Repeat this ten times and focus on breathing rather than what you need to do next. Being mindful is key. 


Don't fight it. Accept it. Fighting with your struggles and challenges is like swimming against a strong sea current. If you continue to do this, you will soon burn out. Instead, accept your challenges and embrace it all. Accept that this is not going to be permanent. Accept that childbirth is going to be one of the most precious moments you will experience in your life. 

Share your thoughts 

Remember, you are never alone. There are millions of mothers who are going through the same as you. There are community groups and mummy bloggers that you can reach out to. Open up to your friends, families and partners when struggling with these transitions. Make sure to share these challenges with someone who will listen and support you through, someone positive and caring. 

Give yourself credit

Reflect on the achievements you've accomplished so far! You've done well. Going through early pregnancy symptoms, food cravings, fatigue and childbirth isn't easy and you've done it! Look for opportunities within those challenges you're facing for self-improvement and personal growth. 

To end with a quote from Buddha himself...

"Each morning we are born again, what we do today is what matters the most."