Feeling Constipated?

Feeling Constipated? - Pregnancy Tips - Box for Two

This usually occurs in the first trimester as well as the third trimester nearing to labour. 

Constipation is a common early pregnancy symptom. This happens due to the increase in hormone progesterone in the gut which slows the movement of food. The longer the food stays in the gut, the more water is absorbed from the bowels making it harder to pass.

The best way to deal with constipation is diet. You could try increase your fibre intake as well as include fresh fruits and vegetables in every meal. Hydration is also key to easing bowel movements through the gut. 

You could also try drinking peppermint tea or water to aid digestion after every meal. Other foods such as beans and cabbage are known as gas-producing foods that will increase gas production in the intestines. 

Be sure to make it a habit to go every day and cleanse the gut. It is important that we look after our bodies during the early stages, making sure that our little one is safe and healthy.