How To Combat Fatigue

Early Pregnancy Symptoms - Pregnancy Tips - Box for Two

Fatigue is an early pregnancy symptom experienced by nearly all women in their first trimester. It can begin weeks after conception and it typically gets better during the second trimester and third trimester.

Pregnancy tips on what you can do to combat fatigue:

Don't be so hard on yourself. Take it easy and pace yourself. You deserve all the pampering you need even if this means a little online shopping. This is why we decided to come up with Box For Two to make sure that our mums are worry-free but yet using organic essentials that is safe for the baby! Pamper yourself to one of our pregnancy boxes here. 

Don't be afraid to ask for help. Get a family member or a friend to give you a hand, this might be picking up some groceries from work and the little things around the house. 

Sleep more. Sleeping early and getting an hour extra of sleep always helps. You'll feel more energetic in the morning and keeps you more alert during the day. For more info on how to sleep better during pregnancy, visit here

Pregnancy Nutrition. This is important as it will act as fuel throughout your day. Opt for snacks rather than heavy meals to keep you going. Caffeine and sugar may give you a quick fix but don't be fooled as you will feel more tired than ever.

Pregnancy Workouts. I know the day schedule can be busy already but investing 30 mins to an hour of exercise can help re-energise the body and soul. The benefits of these pregnancy exercises can also help with birth and labour.