Positive Breastfeeding Tips

Positive Breastfeeding Tips - Pregnancy Tips - Box for Two

You've done it! It's fabulous that your body is making milk that will nourish your little one. Here are some tips to make your breastfeeding experience just a little more positive!

  • Understand the basics. Know when your body makes milk and the different ways to carry your child while breastfeeding. 
  • Understand your newborn's behaviours and characteristics. 
  • Knowing when the little one is baby based on feeding times, nap times, grumpy moments etc. 
  • A great way to learn is through online videos. Talk to your doctors or nurse, mum groups and share experiences from other mums. You are not alone on this, there are always resources to help you get through breastfeeding! 
  • Be confident and trust your body.