Pregnancy Sleep Tips

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For expecting mums who are finding trouble falling asleep, here are some pregnancy sleep tips to maximise the amount of sleep at night. 

Maintaining a good sleep cycle

Waking up and going to bed the same time everyday can help overcome sleep deprivation. Try to put sleep as a priority. 

Pregnancy exercises

Small cardio and low impact workouts can assist blood circulation, muscle relaxation and improve your moods. These might make you fall asleep faster.

Pregnancy hydration

Cut back on highly caffeinated drinks and stick with water. Avoid drinking too much fluid at nights to reduce night trips to the bathroom. 

Eye Pillow

We love these! Lavender scented eye pillows help with soothing your lids and puts you to bed more easily. We also include these in our Sweet Dream Box. 

Sleep Spray

Simply spray lavender and chamomile blends onto your pillows and linen to help fall asleep faster. TLC Sleep Spray available in our Sweet Dreams Box. 

Organic Herbal Teas

Make a cup of organic tea before bed time to get yourself in a calm mood. De-stress and unwind with a facial mask. 

For pregnancy sleep gifts, check out our specially bundled Sweet Dreams Box designed to guide you through dream land and create a positive sleeping routine.