Best Sleeping Positions For Pregnancy

Best Sleeping Positions For Pregnancy

Sleeping Positions in Pregnancy

Sleeping on your stomach

If this is your usual sleeping position, this will probably have to change when your baby bump grows bigger and makes it uncomfortable to continue sleeping "tummy-down." 

Sleeping on your back during pregnancy

It is recommended not to sleep on your back during pregnancy during the second and third trimesters. The back sleep position puts a lot of pressure on your growing uterus, the baby as well as your intestines which could affect blood flows and circulation. The lack of blood flow can also reduce the blood flow back to the fetus, giving your baby less oxygen and nutrients. Of course, we won't be constantly aware of how we are sleeping during the night so if you find yourself lying on your back, just roll on to the side and avoid sleeping on your back for prolonged periods. Research has also shown that in the third trimester (after 28 weeks of pregnancy) going to sleep on your back increases your risk of stillbirth. We advise to sleep on your side as much as you can. 

Sleeping on your left or right side during pregnancy (left is preferred)

During the second and third trimesters,  the ideal sleeping position is on the left. This position allows you to get the maximum blood flow and nutrients to the placenta and kidneys which results in getting rid of toxic, wastes and swells in your body. 

Tips on comfortable pregnancy sleeping positions

Lots of pillows - place a pillow behind your back and one in between your legs. This will give you better support throughout the night.

Use a pregnancy pillow - a wedge shaped or 5 foot pregnancy pillow might just do the trick!

Recline your body - this might work for some mums when you sleep in a more reclined position (like a semi-upright position)

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