2021 Best Gifts for New Mums - Mother's Day Gift Ideas

2021 Best gifts for new mums - Mother's Day Gift ideas

It has certainly been a challenging and fuzzy last 12 months with what's happening around the world. It is extra important to celebrate and cherish these exciting occasions. Finding Mother's Day gifts for a new mum can be tricky... It's a balance of getting something for her or the baby, perhaps both. While baby shower gifting has always been predominantly for the baby, there is also an occasion to celebrate the few milestones throughout the early months of pregnancy and motherhood, hence securing the perfect gift for her first Mother's Day should be a memorable one.  

If you're thinking about getting a new mum something nice for Mother's Day, we have got you covered! Below is a list of our best selling mama bundles that she will enjoy throughout the early stages of motherhood as well as post-pregnancy self-care journeys. 

Pregnancy Meal Planner Box

Pregnancy meal planner box - boxfortwo
Our pregnancy meal planner box focuses on helping expecting mums plan ahead to nourish their growing baby bump with good food choices. Sit down on a weekend with a cup of herbal tea and a facial mask, plan your groceries ahead of time for you and your baby. Shop here

Hospital Bag Essentials Box

Hospital Bag Essentials Box

We wanted to come up with a box of hospital bag essentials that are useful for both mum and baby during overnight stays. The hospital essentials box is designed to provide practical, easy and hassle-free items that could easily fit into your maternity bag. Shop here

Facial Glow Box 

This is the perfect pregnancy gift for new mums to unwind and relax, have a facial routine that promotes "me-time" and much needed "self-care" during pregnancy. Shop here

Skin Ritual Box 

This Skin Ritual Pregnancy gift box is a great way for new mums to hydrate and renew their skin during the nine months. This box combines both face and body skin ritual, filled with organic facial sheets, a certified organic stretch mark oil to combat the changing body as your bump develops. Shop here

Mum and baby gift box

The Mum and Baby Gift Box is a beautiful and practical gift for a mum-to-be during her pregnancy stages leading up to birth. This gift box is specially curated with practical yet cute organic baby keepsakes for the new arrival. Shop here

Personalised gift boxes

Our personalised pregnancy gift boxes are personalised according to the different trimesters and symptoms of pregnancy. We are all about nourishing and providing self-care to all our mums going through these journeys, presented in a nice little teal bow and a customised gift note. Choose from three different personalised bundle options: Essentials, Monthly or Trimester Series. Shop here