List of Things To Do Before The Baby Comes

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Breakfast in Bed

Don't rush to get out of bed, instead plan ahead, gather all your nice pastries the day before and relax with some jazz.

Order takeaways and cuddle watching Netflix 

If you like spicy food, now is the time to savour. Spicy food is not too good for the little one when it comes to breastfeeding.

Go away on a vacay or a babymoon

A short road trip to the winery or the beach, book out a holiday pad and enjoy your time with loved ones. 

Treat yourself to something special 

Like a little mummy pressie or one of our pregnancy boxes to make you feel refreshed and glowing.

Have a sleepover

Gather your best friends for a girl's night with popcorn and a good movie. My fav all time is Love Actually. This would be something you can't do often when the little one arrives.

Manage work leave

It is important to know what you are entitled to and how maternity leave works at your company. It's best to inform them early so that it won't be a surprise. 

Plan your maternity leave

Decide on how long you want to be away from work. Do you want a part time or full time job when you get back? Good to have all these discussions prior to leaving for maternity leave.

Have a romantic meal with your partner

Book a fancy romantic restaurant, somewhere quiet and intimate. Savour the moments together before the baby comes. 

Book a spa day

A prenatal massage can be beneficial for your pregnancy. It helps you relax and increases blood circulation. Get rid of all the back and feet tension!

Have a baby shower

Gather all your girlfriends and plan your gift registry. Celebrate with cupcakes, little canapes and mocktails. 

We want you to make sure you have the greatest time in your pregnancy before your baby arrival. It is always good to focus on the little things as baby mama life will definitely get a whole lot busier!