Tips to plan a perfect babymoon

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Winter is usually the prime time for babymoon. This is the time to get out of the miserable cold, gloomy weather and head to somewhere warm and toasty!

From all my pregnant friends, they love taking babymoon in the second trimester, no more headaches, nauseousness and vomiting. 

Here is a list of things to keep in mind while travelling:

Location - make sure both you and your partner agree on a location before anything! We want to make sure that both parties are happy instead of arguing and complaining at your babymoon. Most mothers like travelling local, this could be to hamilton islands, tasmania, somewhere you can relax and enjoy. 

Doctor confirmation - Do tell your doctor that you are going on a babymoon. You just want to make sure that you are safe to travel, flight, land, air or water!

Budget - With an addition to the family, it is important to keep spending on the conservative side. If you can afford it, choose flying over driving, choose a destination with shorter flights. 

Pack right - Be sure to pack whatever you need to ease the symptoms of pregnancy such as a pillow or DVT socks to prevent swelling.

Move around! - I know it's a holiday and you don't feel like doing much but relaxing under the sun! Make sure you move around and take short walks every 2 hours to keep your blood pumping. This improves circulation and prevents the leg from swelling.

Toilet spotting - You'll often start to make sure every restaurant and location you go tohave a toilet. Short walks and easy release! 

Be hydrated - Always have a bottle of water with you and keep small snacks in your bag. When you're in your second trimester, you might get a little dizzy due to the lack of sugar in the blood. 

Insurance check - Whether it's a private health or a travel insurance, make sure you are covered within your policy. There are a lot of insurance companies with pregnancy covers. Be sure to know what you're entitled to.

Most of all, ENJOY THE ROMANCE! You will need it and this would be your last travel for a while with the newborn coming. Sure is a fabulous way to reconnect with your partner and step away from the busy life schedules.