Pregnancy Pampering Tips For New Mums

Pregnancy pampering tips for new mums

Every mother-to-be wants to feel as pampered as possible in the months leading up to her big day. Nine months can feel pretty long going through different body transitions and hormonal changes so it's always a good idea to take some time to pamper yourself. It's not all just about the baby, but yourself. Here are some of our pregnancy pampering ways with our lovely bundles you can enjoy.

Give that belly some love

All you need is 5 minutes to give some love to the baby bump with an organic stretch mark oil.  Having a good belly rub routine will also prevent stretch marks, leaving the skin smooth and flexible throughout your pregnancy.

Do a facial!

All you need is 10 minutes of wind down time to take care of your pregnancy skin. It is also a great way to rejuvenate your skin and keep it glowing. If you're looking for a pregnancy pamper bundle, our facial glow box is filled with organic facial masks, a hydrating day cream and a manuka honey eye cream to prevent puffy eyes and dark circles. This is the perfect pregnancy gift for new mums to unwind and relax.

Get an aromatherapy kit

An aromatherapy pregnancy pamper pack helps soothe the pregnancy journey from easing morning sickness and aching muscles, relieving stress and a positive pregnancy sleep routine. This could also be the perfect pregnancy gift for mums to unwind and de-stress with a cuppa tea. 

More sleep

Lots of sleep is a form of pregnancy pampering and self-care. Getting a healthy sleep routine during pregnancy is beneficial for you and your mood swings throughout the day. Lots of sleep makes a mama a lot happier. If you know a mum who would appreciate sleep during these pregnancy stages, our sweet dreams box his is a truly thoughtful baby shower gift to ensure a peaceful slumber.

Treat yourself

Splurge on something you like; whether it's a new set of lounge wear, a bouquet of flowers, a manicure or a new maternity dress. Slipping on something and adding some colour to the room promotes a sense of self-boost which could result in an instant mood-booster.