How to Plan A Baby Shower

How to plan a baby shower - baby shower gift ideas and more

Baby Shower Ideas For Her

So you've been invited to a baby shower and now what? Firstly, you need to gather your baby gift inspirations. It's always useful to put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself, what do I need if I had a baby shower...? I am a great believer in practical gifting. Here is a good start on how to start thinking of awesome baby shower gift ideas for her:

Baby shower gifts and budget

Budget is always a good place to start depending on the relationship you have with the expecting mum. However, it's all about the thought that counts. Be creative and practical. You can always choose a simple yet elegant themed shower, an opportunity for her to create new memories and share it with her loved ones. 

Colours for a baby shower

Colour preferences are very subjective. It's always useful to ask the baby shower host about specified colours that the expecting mum would love. Would your pregnancy or baby shower gift include gender neutral colours? The sex of the baby may not be known and the safest option is to go with white or grey.

Is this baby shower gift for the mum or baby? 

I've always chose to buy the new mum a gift to celebrate pregnancy journeys. If you're also looking to gift a mum, perhaps opt for a pregnancy massage or facial, a scarf, a box of chocolates or a pregnancy gift box filled pregnancy skin care that are safe for mums and bumps. Feel free to check out our favourite mama gifts here

Baby shower gift registry

You may like to consider starting a gift registry at a baby store or department store of your choice. It also gives guests a good idea of what you need and you don't want friends and families to feel pressured to spend a fortune. You can make it extra special by "building your own box" with all the organic goodness or check out our organic pregnancy gift boxes and specialty pregnancy boxes

A baby shower, an occasion of boundless joy for the mother of the newborn or expected newborn, needs careful planning and execution. The little things can go wrong easily – and since you are looking to make this an unforgettable experience, you don’t want to mess it up.

A pregnancy gift box, for instance, has all that you need to take care of your newborn, from what you need to organize a baby shower.

Baby shower checklist

Here is a checklist of things to do and plan meticulously.The purpose of the checklist is to ensure that everything goes on smoothly and there are no last minute disappointments. The checklist should list the items along with the time frame for its completion. It includes points like deciding on the host, setting a date and time, preparing a guest list, choosing a venue and the theme of the party, the food- whether home cooked or caterer, preparing and sending invitations, arranging for thank you notes etc.

Baby Shower Gifts

If you are invited to a baby shower you can gift something that is useful like beauty and health products for the mum, something that will be appreciated, is cute or a keepsake. For sure, the arrival or expected arrival of a baby means a lot of shopping for the mother. So if you are invited to a baby shower gift something which will help in shortening this shopping list. The gift should be such that it suits the cultural and traditional preferences of the parents.

Baby Shower Food Ideas

Decide whether you will go for a caterer or the food will be prepared by the participants or groups of participants. In case you opt for a caterer choose a caterer well in advance and finalise with him the food you want for the party, its quantity and taste etc. Talk to him again some days before the event to confirm. If the food is to be made in-house you can make various groups and ask each group to prepare a single dish or bring a plate.

Baby Shower Venue Ideas

If your home is the venue of the party, decide on the utensils, and serving dishes, table linens and napkins to be used. It is important to keep in mind the guest of honours’ tastes and preferences. Also, confirm about any kind of allergies to any of the guests.

The baby shower can be arranged anywhere from your house to a party space to a restaurant. The venue must be decided keeping in mind the distance, budget, seating arrangement, guest capacity, catering capabilities, etc. Hotels and restaurants provide convenience in terms of decoration and food/catering and also after party cleaning. Local community centres offer an economical and close-by option.

Baby Shower Decorations

The most used items for decoration in a baby shower are undoubtedly balloons and flowers. The decoration ranges from low cost Do It Yourself ideas or expensive ideas that are handled by professionals. As a tradition, a pink theme is used for girls while a blue theme is used for boys or you can go in for a gender neutral colour too. The style, theme and kind of decoration depends not only on personal choice but also on the budget.

Baby Shower Themes

First and foremost, start off with choosing a colour scheme around your baby shower. Pastel tones are really popular but some mums prefer a gold and white touch. Once you've picked your colour scheme, you can start planning the smaller decorations around that and it will make it a lot easier to decide when it comes to shopping. 

Unisex baby shower 

Organise an evening dinner party with both parents-to-be and their loved ones. Pregnancy gifts can include baby sitting vouchers, nannny services, a nice organic pamper box or even a baby monitor. 

Bed and bath baby shower 

Pregnancy gits could include buying linen, pregnancy pillows, eye pillows, organic silk, baby blankets etc. for the newborn. 

Pamper party 

This is our all time favourite! Mums should all be pampered especially when you're carrying that little one in your tummy for nine months! Organise a high tea which includes pedicures and manicure treatments for the mum-to-be. Gather around to open baby shower gifts and share mummy memories. Check out our pregnancy pamper gift ideas here.

Pajama baby shower

Organic herbal teas are on the menu for mums! Gather your girlfriends around for a robe and dessert party. Pregnancy gifts include an organic bamboo throw, a nursing pillow, organic raspberry tea leaf, a nice silk robe or a hospital bag. 

Our take on a modern baby shower

We are all about a modern take on baby showers! We love to mix it up, get creative and open the invite to not only women but fathers and family members to enjoy the wonderful occasion. Here are a few commonly asked questions that we get when it comes to organising a baby shower. 

Is it necessary to have a baby shower?

Let's face it - The pregnancy journey isn't the easiest and most comfortable path for some women. It is not necessary to host a baby shower, however, surveys have shown that expecting mums feel less overwhelmed and less stressed after having a shower. There are many reasons to it; Mothers feel more equipped and prepared having friends contribute to a gift registry and also feeling the love received on the day. 

Who should host the baby shower?

Traditionally, a baby shower is hosted by a close friend or a family member. However if you are really into party planning and celebrations, you could plan the shower and ask a friend to send out invites and RSVPs. I like baby showers around 6 - 8 weeks till the baby due date, just to give yourself some time to organise and get on with last minute baby shopping. 

Who is on the guest list?

While some prefer a big party, others might love a smaller, intimate gathering. Generally, you would want to invite your closest friends and not feel obliged to invite guests that aren't close to you. It is your day and you want it to be a positive one where happy hormones are flying everywhere! 

What about male guests and dad-to-be or brothers?

It depends what sort of conversations you would want to have at your party. In the modern world, male guests are invited to baby showers too. If you're looking to share stories with other mums about their pregnancy and labour, it is a good idea to keep it females only and the dad-to-be can drop by and say thanks to all. We personally like to keep it open to everyone! 

When to open presents?

Personally, it is always exciting to see what others have gifted to the mum-to-be. Sharing cute baby outfits and discovering baby products can add a sense of excitement to the baby shower. You could also prepare thank you notes to show your appreciation. Organise a time during the baby shower to open gifts. 

Serve fun pregnancy mocktails 

No alcohol means mocktails time! Be creative with the names. You could name your mocktails after nursery rhymes or a cute disney character to make it more interesting. See here for pregnancy mocktail recipes.

Start with a baby shower theme and go from there...

It can get quite overwhelming to plan everything but the easiest way to start is to pick a theme. From there, drill down into the final details such as the venue, decorations and baby shower games. Don't be afraid to ask friends or family members to help out. Divide and conquer! One can brainstorm baby shower games while the other can focus on the guest list. Once you have settled on a baby shower theme, you can start organising colour palettes so that decorations can be hand in hand with the venue. 

Whatever it is, a baby shower is surely a fun and happy time for a mum-to-be. It is worth celebrating new journeys as well as the transitions to motherhood. :)