Our Favourite Gifts for Pregnant Women

Our favourite gifts for pregnant women - spoil her with mum-to-be gifts

Thoughtful mum-to-be gifts to spoil her this 2021!

The best gifts for pregnant women are practical and thoughtful. We like to call them luxurious beauty products, safe, organic and stress-relieving! It's all about being functional and cute to make her pre and post pregnancy journey extra special. The best gifts are the ones that would elevate pregnancy self-care on a daily basis. Mums get so overwhelmed with daily chores, work and family that we don't often put ourselves first. This is why we love to pamper our mums and here is a list of our favourite pregnancy pamper bundles from us!

The Monthly Box 

This pregnancy pampering pack is designed to be practical for all mums during the different stages of pregnancy. This box is carefully handpicked to enrich well-being with organic teas, stretch mark oils, body scrubs and refreshing skincare to keep you glowing! 

The Monthly Box - Gifts for Pregnant women

Organic stretch mark oils

During pregnancy, the body is constantly changing and the effect of these changes usually result in stretched skin around the thigh, hips and stomach area. Stretch mark oils are a great practical gift for mums to ensure that they are constantly keeping up with their skincare routine, also knowing that it is organic and safe for their bump. 
weleda stretch mark oils

Organic Body Scrub

Taking time to shower is a great routine for mums to unwind. We love the Aromababy motherhood body scrub which consists of coconut and soya oils to moisturise while the sugar granules work to buff and smooth the skin. 

The facial glow box 

Pregnancy skin can be a challenge during the different transitions across the trimesters. A pregnancy gift to focus on a glowy pregnancy skin promotes mama time and much needed mama self-care to get her through the months. She will feel beautiful on the inside and out! 
the facial glow box - pregnancy gift box

Lavender Eyepillow

Every mum would appreciate a good nights sleep during or after pregnancy. A soothing lavender eyepillow makes a great gift to ensure that they get a positive sleeping routine during the day/night. This is also a great one for the hospital bag so that you can wind down and be well-rested after birth. 


Wheatbags love eyepillow

Rose Quartz Beauty Tool

You got to have one of these as part of a facial routine to reduce puffiness, redness and improve face contouring It also acts as a pregnancy self-care routine to enhance circulation and elasticity to achieve a glowing face during pregnancy. Used for centuries in Chinese medicine, Gua Sha will help you feel ultra-relaxed as you gently massage the cooling quartz across your face, neck and decolletage. Use daily along with Collagen Beauty to improve your skin from within.


 Rose Quartz Gua Sha


 Lavender Body Oil

During pregnancy your body needs extra tender care, so you can feel well and enjoy what nature is doing. The Lavender Body Oil to promote a better night sleep during pregnancy as well as post-pregnancy. It also nourishes and hydrates the skin at the same time which creates a calming and relaxing effect. 

Weleda Lavender Body Oil

Calming Essential Oils

It sure has been a rather hectic year and what is better than gifting a new mum something that she can relax and enjoy. Pair it with a diffuser and enjoy the scents of lavender to improve pregnancy sleep routines as well calming the spirits. 

Lavender Oil Essentials

Pregnancy Journal

Document and cherish all the mum and bump moments leading up to birth and after your delivery. This is a beautiful gift for pregnant women to look back and remember all the magical moments during the stages of your pregnancy. You can include baby pictures, birth plans, names, books, websites, apps, appointments, nursery plans and shopping lists. 

Pregnancy Journal - Pregnancy Gifts - Boxfortwo