Pregnancy Pamper Gifts For New Mums

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Pregnancy Pamper Gifts for New Mums

Having a new baby is always a big transition in life. Along with all the joys of having a new baby, she is also experiencing pregnancy symptoms such as sleepness nights, morning sickness, back pains as well as the emotional strain on both mum and the bump.

Here are some of our favourite pamper and pregnancy gift ideas for mums to get her cheered up:

New Mum Gifts Tip 1: Massage & Facials

We all love a good massage - so do mums! There are now prenatal massages available at spa centres that are catered specifically to pregnancy. These are great pregnancy gifts to relax and de-stress. Alternatively, pregnancy gifts such as organic oils, facials and body creams are also a practical gift to aid skin hydration and nourishment. 

New Mum Gifts Tip 2 : Bake!

It's the thought that counts. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies or something savoury such as ham & cheese scones. Bundle it in a nice basket and deliver it personally. Enjoy over a nice cup of hot tea. 

New Mum Gifts Tip 3: Flowers 

If you know she loves a good surprise, perhaps send a nice bundle of flowers to her office and brighten up the day. A little flower boost is always a great gift idea! Flowers also boosts mood swings and brightens up the day to generate positive vibes. 

New Mum Gifts Tip 4: Pregnancy Gift Box 

Make it extra special with a specially curated organic pregnancy gift box personalised to the stages of pregnancy. You could also build your own box and add a little touch to it. Check out our range of specially bundled pregnancy gifts that will make her feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

New Mum Gifts Tip 5: Outdoors

Plan a little outdoor picnic by the park or gardens. A little fresh air is always good for the pregnancy belly and it's also refreshing to be around nature from time to time. 

New Mum Gifts Tip 6: Pregnancy Yoga or Pilates Girt Card 

Be her yoga buddy and enjoy the benefits of prenatal yoga which is useful to relieve backaches and pains from the growing bump. With the current situation at the moment, you can also set up virtual online pilates classes to promote healthy lifestyle habits during quarantine and isolation. 

How to gift the perfect pregnancy gift? 

A gift is a blessing and that is why it is a privilege to do what we do, to be able to spoil mums! It is also a narrative, a form of storytelling, to be able to tell someone you care...and most importantly, to share the love and thoughtfulness. 

It isn't always about the budget but creating a memorable experience. You want it to be unique, thoughtful and personalised hence we focused on perfectly curating each and every organic pregnancy box for mums. Here are some simple tips on how you can make that pregnancy gifting experience just a little more special.

Think about what they really need 

Remember the conversations you've had, have they mentioned it before? Practical gifting is always a good idea if you know they really need it!

A touch of personality 

Add a handwritten note or handmade card to your gift. Add a little personality and style!  

It doesn't have to be a physical object 

Gifting is all about experience. Create memorable experiences for the receiver to enjoy and cherish.

Final touches 

A little ribbon, leaf or a dried flower to add a sense of elegance to your gift. Think beyond and outside the box, add a touch a colour to give it a vibrant and memorable

Pregnancy gifts to make her smile

Motherhood is a full-time job. Unfortunately, as much as we would like to allocate some time for ourselves and the busy lives we have, it's highly impossible. Here is a list of pamper gifts that every mum would appreciate. It encourages her to take some time out, unwind and relax.

Pregnancy Gift Tip 1: Organic Facial Masks 

These has become a must-have products for a rejuvenating self-care routine. Not only it re-hydrates your skin, repairs fine lines and wrinkles, but also allows you to take a breather for 15 minutes. You could enjoy a facial while you're having a cup of your favourite coffee. 15 - 20 minutes of alone time goes a long way to feeling fresh! Check out some of our organic facial masks that will leave her glowing from inside out. 

Pregnancy Gift Tip 2: Mani and Pedi Appointments

This is by far one of our favourite gifts for mums! It creates a personal connection that you can enjoy with each other. To be able to relax while someone paints your nails is a form of relaxation. Who wouldn't want to have fabulous hands and feet for the season?

Pregnancy Gift Tip 3: A Relaxation Bundle 

Surprise a mum with an organic gift bundle! Every mum loves to be pampered and you have all the goodness in one box! You can mix and match different products according to what she likes and present it with a nice ribbon. There is always an element of surprise when you open a beautiful bump box bundle. View our pregnancy gift boxes here.

Pregnancy Gift Tip 4: Weekend Trip

If you're feeling rather generous, you can always book a weekend away from the busy city and book yourselves into a nice little glamping spot! Soak in nature, spas and great lunches overlooking a scenic view in the countryside. Our favourite tip is to go on to check out some real hidden gems! 

Pregnancy Gift Tip 5: A Cleaner Gift card

You have no idea how much we love to be able to take time out from cleaning! There are so many cleaning services available these days and they are charged on an hourly basis. It's the greatest form of investment every mum could have. Less time on cleaning, more time for ME! 

Happy Mum Gifting!