Taking care of your winter pregnancy skin

Prep Your Skin This Winter- Pregnancy Skin - Box for Two


Avoid really hot water

While a hot bath maybe soothing, avoid using hot water to wash your face. Turn it down and use lukewarm water instead. Hot water tends to dry the skin rapidly hence try to minimise the heat during showers and facials. Don't forget to moisturise after every wash. 

Drink water

With all the changing pregnancy symptoms throughout the trimester, it is important to make sure that you are constantly hydrated. If you're going through morning sickness, it is important to ensure that you're constantly hydrating with organic herbal teas as well as fluids. It flushes toxins out and keeps the skin moist and supple during the cold and dry winter months.

Use an air purifier

A purifier is under-estimated when it comes to winter seasons. It is worth investing in one as it reduces all the nasties around the air, leaving it clean and purified. This will also help with pregnancy skin allergies you maybe experiencing. A little tip is to switch it on just before bed time to ensure that the room is well cleansed for a positive pregnancy sleeping routine. 

Wear Cotton

While knitwear and fleece can feel comfortable during pregnancy, opt for breathable organic cotton. This will let the skin breathe and reduce skin irritations during winter. Non-cotton wear also tends to trap moisture and this may increase in skin fungal infections as well as other rash problems. Opt for a loose fit instead of tight fitting loungewear. 


Get into the habit of a day and night pregnancy skincare routine. This also helps with "me-time", all you need is ten minutes to really give your skin a little TLC. Don't forget your hands and feet as well. We love focusing on pregnancy facial and body care so feel free to check out our beautiful range of pregnancy pamper bundles for mums or our personalised pregnancy gift boxes

Have a healthy pregnancy diet

Fatten up with omega 3 fatty acids to aid your baby's development. Cut sugar and snacks and opt for less processed and more wholesome meals. Take regular healthy snacks such as fruits, nuts and vegetables to keep you going throughout the day. Hormonal levels are constantly changing during the stages of pregnancy so it is important to ensure that you're having the correct nutrients as your baby grows. 

Your skin benefits from extra care and protection in the transitional seasons as you prepare to face the winter cold or summer heat. 

Soothe your pregnancy skin with manuka honey this winter

The natural wonder of manuka honey is the heart of our Aura Manuka Honey Mask. Aura Manuka Honey Mask's antibacterial action makes it perfect for acne-prone skin which results in constant hydration and replenishments. Smooth thick layers of this creamy mask over your face and neck twice weekly.

Nurture your skin with the Manuka Honey Skin-Brightening Light Day Cream. This provides a gentle lifting effect, while the manuka honey attends to blemishes to provide the ultra skin-bright visage. Apply generously to your face, neck and décolletage at the day’s dawn and dusk. Suited to most skin conditions.

Don't forget the eyes. Manuka Honey Skin-Brightening Eye Cream moisturises and soothes to help hydrate under-eye tissue that's been exposed to the elements. Pat tenderly onto the skin under and around your eyes. Suited to oily and blemished skin.