The Ultimate Guide to Lanolin Cream

Guide to Lanolin Cream- Pregnancy Skin - Box for Two

Lanolin cream has been known for its moisturizing and healing properties for decades now. The cream has been around for almost 8,000 years so far. History has it that the Egyptians would melt it in the sun then apply on their faces as a skin moisturizer. More recently, during the 19th century, the cream has found its way in many medicine cabinets as a treatment for dermatitis and eczema.

Where does lanolin come from?

Just like humans, the sheep also have pores on their skin which produce oil that hydrates their body surface. However, theirs, unlike that of humans is quite extreme. If you have ever had a sheep as a pet, you might have realized that their fur is slightly oiled. The wool grease or wool wax also helps in repelling water. The oil is what is known as lanolin.

What are the benefits of lanolin?

Being a great moisturizer, lanolin can be used in daily skin care practices. It also contains healing properties; thus making it ideal for people who have dry skin or cracked heels. You might be surprised to learn that lanolin is also great for lactating mothers.

When should you use lanolin?

If you have not been utilizing lanolin to its full potential, it is high time you start doing so. Here are five situations where lanolin can be used.

Lanolin in cosmetics

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When included in cosmetics, lanolin helps keep your face soft and fresh. Liquid foundations, as well as powders that are infused with lanolin components, have been found to moisturize the skin deeply and to cover it. Therefore, regular use of lanolin can give your skin a healthy glow and tone it appropriately. Other cosmetics that do great when they have lanolin in them include lipstick and eyeshadows.

Lanolin for hair care

Applying lanolin to your hair frequently can turn the once brittle and dry hair into lush and lovely locks. One ought to employ the use of lanolin based conditioners and shampoos to smooth their hair follicles and leave your tresses looking brilliant and smooth. You can also apply lanolin sparingly on the scalp for overnight treatment that restores dry skin. In the morning, wash the lanolin out using a lanolin-based shampoo. Note that this procedure might discolor your pillowcase.

Lanolin as a treatment for chapped lips

Lanolin is the most popular ingredient in lip balms, due to its effect on chapped lips. Its waxy texture makes the application more straightforward and does not leave a mess. It seals the lips thus preventing further chapping. The cream also absorbs moisture from the environment, thus rejuvenating the dry skin tissues.

Lanolin skin care

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Considering its amazing moisturizing power, you can be assured that lanolin is an excellent asset for your skin. Rub lanolin into the stressed cuticles to restore your feet, toenails, fingernails, and hands. When engaging in outdoor activities, remember to use lanolin as it will prevent you from the harmful UV rays. Lanolin is also useful for both men and women with regards to shaving. The moisture provided by the cream will prevent the drying of the skin resulting from the effects of the shaver.

Lanolin for breastfeeding mothers

A report by the San Diego County Breastfeeding coalition recommended the use of lanolin by lactating mothers. They instructed mothers to apply a 2mm thick layer of the cream to the areolas and the nipples. When you do this, the lanolin relieves the soreness on the skin and heals cracked skin, which might result as the baby is breastfeeding. The lanolin cream works by absorbing the humidity in the air; thus moisturizing the sensitive area.

Is lanolin safe for breastfeeding mothers?

Despite the research, this question is bound to arise because of concerns of the baby ingesting the cream. However, the practice is safe, because the small amounts that the baby swallows are not harmful. For best results, the mother should leave the lanolin on the nipple since cleaning and re applying will irritate the skin further.