Secrets to Beautiful Belly Photos

Secrets to Beautiful Belly Photos- Pregnancy Skin - Box for Two

A lot of joy accompanies the arrival of a baby in the family. Pregnancy is a magical period that ought to be well documented. A pregnancy shoot has become a norm for most people, but how do you ensure you capture the best photos? Here are some secrets to excellent pregnancy belly photos.

You should be big, but not too big

You want to flaunt a big belly. However, it must not be too big such that holding it in various positions becomes difficult. Professional photographers recommend mothers to consider a photo-shoot when they are about 30 weeks. During this time, the belly is usually quite round but is not very heavy yet. However, remember that every pregnant belly and pregnancy is unique, so use your stamina as a guide.


Regardless of whether you are shooting in the studio, outside or at home, you need to simplify the surroundings. The importance of the shoot is to capture the beauty of the mother anticipating the birth of her child. The gesture should speak for itself. Thus nothing else should be in the photograph to help tell this story. Everything that is within the frame will simply distract from the story that has already been told naturally.

Turn off the flash

Having the camera’s flash on will only be a total washout. The photo will be better captured when the mother is standing close to an open door or window. Natural lighting does wonders. For outdoor shoots, the best time to do it is early in the morning or an hour before sunset. During these two times, there are golden highlights in the air.

Don’t forget the siblings and the dog too

The baby is coming into a family, and the other members ought to be in the photo also. In case siblings are available, have them included in a few frames. Couples who keep dogs as pets can tag them along as well. However, those who do not have extra family members can go alone- no need to stress.

Wear something tight but stretchy

The whole point of going for a shoot in the first place is to flaunt the belly. Thus, wearing stretch clothes will accentuate the fantastic curves. Avoid maternity clothes, since their primary goal is to feel good rather than show off your shape. Skip the checks, plaids and floral. While styled garments get outdated, neutrals and solid darks are timeless. You sure want to look at your photos several years to come.

Highlight relationships

If the dad is around, it always pays off to have him in the photo. Such photographs are a pure display of love and bliss. Where the dad is not in the picture, the mam can bring a close friend.

Screen your background

When choosing a location, avoid being in a cluttered room. Instead, look for creative poses. A great pose is lying in a mermaid pose on a couch or bed, lying on some white sheets. You can go to an outdoor location such as a beach or a nice spot in your backyard. Leaning against a tree or rock always comes out great.